Answers to Frequently Asked Questions with Examples


The task of SAVEVIDEO.ME is to help you to find a direct link to a video file of your favorite online video and save it to your device.

To download a video insert page URL of your liked video into the site form and then SAVEVIDEO.ME trying to find and detect a direct link to a video file for downloading to your device.

What sites are supported for video downloading?

SAVEVIDEO.ME supports: Dailymotion, Facebook Video, Vimeo, Twitter Video, Instagram Video, TikTok, Aol Video,,, Flickr Videos, WorldStarHipHop (WSHH), Coub, Veoh, ItemFix,, Magisto,, WEB.DE, (Focus Online), Video,,,,, MioMio,,

What formats of video can be downloaded?

Currently, you can download video in formats: MP4 (Full HD, 1080p, HD quality, 720p, mobile), WebM, FLV. But it depends on a video site or video hosting platform (Where a video is hosted).

But even if a video format does not match the required format, you can convert a saved video file using any video converter software/app.