How to download Facebook video?

Facebook is a popular social media platform where users around the world consume online media content, communicate, follow events, learn something new, find funny videos or something like that. Many users watch and enjoy interesting online videos on Facebook and also share it with others.
There are also many reasons when you need to save Facebook videos to your computer, laptop or mobile device (Smartphone or tablet). For example, to watch video offline or simply send a video file directly to any messenger or something.
If you want to download facebook videos, there are many ways. Everyone chooses their own more convenient download method.

The easiest way to download videos from Facebook using the SAVEVIDEO.ME site online. You don’t need any software, apps, extension or anything else.
SAVEVIDEO.ME site works simply in your browser online.

How to download Facebook video?


1. Copy video page URL address/link (Public Facebook video hosted on Facebook)
2. Paste video page URL address/link into the site form ( and press “Download” button
3. Right-click mouse on “Download video file” link and select “Save Link As…” from the context menu for saving on your device.

Supported video formats: MP4, MP4 HD Quality.


SAVEVIDEO.ME – Download videos from Dailymotion, Facebook Video, Vimeo, Twitter Video, Instagram Video, Threads, TikTok (Without watermark), Reddit Video, Snapchat (Stories / Spotlight), and from other popular video sites, social media and video hosting platforms easily!

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    discharge any video but anyone can capture the audio. can you help me ??

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    Hi mimmo,
    You can download a video and then try to convert your video file to audio via

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    how can i download a video from facebook?

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    Hi! What do you mean? See how it works above.

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